Lake Minnetonka launch debut album ‘Melbourneapolis’

“If you’re a fan of the mid-late 80’s era of Prince, this album is definitely for you…we can confidently award this new release Melbourneapolis with our highly regarded 5 out of 5 afros.” — 

Dearly Beloved,

It’s been a long time coming, but the debut full-length album from Lake Minnetonka is finally here and our purple hearts are bursting with pride and excitement!

The slammin’ Melbourneapolis party will strut in to Howler on Friday, February 23 at 7pm and you can get your tix through

Lake Minnetonka have crafted a slick and funky contemporary Melbourne take on the Minneapolis Sound (made famous by the likes of Prince, Janet Jackson, Sheila E, and The Time). Their debut album Melbourneapolis (“Melbourne-apolis”) fuses funk, jazz and new wave into an irreverent sonic explosion (“Nothin’ but a party!” as our funk forefathers used to say).

They will be joined at Howler by ultimate boogie masters Silver Linings, American Idol sensation DeAndre Brackensick, and PBS FM’s Lloyd Briggs (Deeep Space). Lake Minnetonka’s live set will feature a cavalcade of special guests including Chelsea Wilson, Shannen Wick (Fulton Street), Françoise D’Argent (Silver Linings), Henry Manetta, Adelaide Clark, synth virtuoso Mina Yu, and percussionist Neda Rahmani.

Melbourneapolis features performances from Minneapolis Funk Royalty: St Paul Peterson (The Time, The Family), Dr Fink (Prince and the Revolution), Eric Leeds (The Revolution, D’Angelo), Sonny Thompson (New Power Generation), and Petar Janjic (Dr Mambo’s Combo).

Bandleader Adam Rudegeair says “We’ve taken some of the giants of the Minneapolis Music Scene and we’re fostering a community of ongoing collaborative projects. We’re starting a family. We’re dedicated to exploring offshoots and creating a new synthesis of the Minneapolis and Melbourne sounds.”

Quotes from Minneapolis artists who contributed to the album:

“I was very happy to work with Lake Minnetonka on ‘Rare Love’, as well as providing bass lines for additional album tracks, because I see this band continuing to capture the essence of that sound, introducing their own creativity and technology, while maintaining the integrity of the genre.” — St. Paul Peterson (The Time, The Family, ‘Purple Rain’)

“Fans have been wondering whatever happened to [Prince’s side project] Madhouse? Well, it just so happens to be alive and well in Melbourne Australia in the guise of the band, Lake Minnetonka!” — Matt “Dr” Fink (Prince and the Revolution, ‘Purple Rain’)

Press quotes:

“The end result is a really nice collection of new funky tunes in the style of Madhouse that will probably easily find itself on the best funk albums of 2018 next January.”

“Melbourne funk redeemers Lake Minnetonka are turning all the right heads in all the right places.” — Happy Mag (

“Funklords Lake Minnetonka have been bringing infectious jazz riffs and bouncing funk beats to Melbourne since 2013, jetting between hometown Melbourne and the soulful Minneapolis that has been influencing their sound.” — Speaker TV

“Loving the new sounds from Lake Minnetonka! 80s New Wave jazz funk paradise!” — Jazz Got Soul, PBS 106.7fm

“Combining solid-granite rhythm section with fat brass and searing keyboard solos, the sextet expertly combine jazz, funk and rock to breathtaking results.”

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