Cam Giles pens an open letter to Leonard Cohen on the occasion of his birthday

Dear Leonard,

Happy birthday!

We all miss you here on this spinning rock, so I thought I’d record a few of your most celebrated songs. Just a little birthday tribute to you and all of us who love your touching heartfelt words and music.

I hope you like my interpretations of your works and enjoy listening to them as much as I have enjoyed recording them. I’d like to thank you, Leonard, for writing some of the greatest songs of all time. Your words and are so truthful and have given me the drive and reason to keep making musical art. Even during global Pandemic, your words shine like diamonds in the dark.

Due to the pandemic the band and I are unable do a proper live performance of these works until March 2021. So in light of this, here is a YouTube link to the album.

You can also stream it on Spotify later this month, in case you have streaming devices in The Great Beyond.

You were so right, Leonard, there is a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in.

Much Respect and Many Thanks to you on your birthday.

Cam Giles

Cam Giles—D A R K E R The Songs Of Leonard Cohen is out through Ambition Entertainment / Sony.

Lake Minnetonka launch double single High Fashion/Dancin’ at the Bains Douches

Dearly Beloved,
Lake Minnetonka have embraced the iso-video trend and, during this gigless
stretch, produced two cover songs with accompanying film clips. Both feature
special guests Tom Munn on vocals and Kathleen Halloran (Kate Ceberano) on bass. The videos were produced, filmed, directed, and edited by bandleader Adam Rudegeair at Funk Noir HQ in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

“Funklords Lake Minnetonka have been bringing infectious jazz riffs and bouncing funk beats to Melbourne since 2013, jetting between hometown Melbourne and the soulful Minneapolis that has been influencing their sound.”—Speaker TV

Read on for more info and show details…


At a time when the second lockdown in Melbourne is hitting the mental health of young people particularly hard, a Melbourne hip hop group has released a song about coming back from the brink of suicide in the hope that young people, like them, will realise there is another way. Read on for more info and show details…