Turbocharge your visibility!

It’s harder than ever to get noticed these days.
We have some powerful resources to help you cut through the noise and clutter.

Stunningly designed media releases
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150-Suzannah-Espie-Sea-of-Lights  150-Suzannah-Espie-Sea-of-Lights  150-Krista-Polvere2

Music editors and programmers get hundreds of releases every week.
If yours catches their eye, it really does have a better chance of being looked at.

We can rapidly produce a hard-selling electronic and print piece such as these.

We’ll follow the visual theme established by your CD or band identity or create something completely new, your choice. 









We create strong, unforgettable imagery with as much info as required organised with no clutter. Click on a thumbnail to view:








150-RJE_Ad 2






We’ve made this website ourselves by hand since 2004. We know how to make your site interactive and easy to update yourself while connecting to social media channels with one entry and one click.

Special promotions

Special events, seasonal greetings, whatever the occasion, we can provide memorable, humorous materials to attract attention. Here’s a few we’ve done for ourselves and others. (The Daddy Cool video above was a slideshow for the press launch of their historic 2005 reunion. The piece below was an invitation to the event. We organised photography overnight then visually defined the occasion as the resurrection of the classic 70s band.Click on a thumbnail to view:





Marketing, advertising, events, product launches

At KCP, we’re proud to have Australian Institute of Marketing, Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and New York Festivals award winners on staff. We’re not only rock ‘n roll and we like it. We’ve experience in everything from fashion to events to social causes to packaged goods.


We’ve written for US Senator Ted Kennedy, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, The Age — and for Ford, Vegemite, Violence Against Women and the National Asthma Campaign, among hundreds of others. Journalism, speechwriting, copywriting — we have the skills and experience.