What they say…

“Thanks for an incredible job on the Daddy Cool
reunion project. 
We’ve had more front pages in the past couple of weeks than in my entire career.” — Ross Wilson

“Karen Conrad Publicity, in my opinion, rocks!”
– Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze)
—2005 & 2007 touring & publicity by Karen Conrad and Buzz Bidstrup

Click here to watch Glenn and Karen  discussing the matter
on YouTube, in a new window (15 secs.)

“Karen Conrad is the best publicist in the known universe.”
– Charles Jenkins

Wow!  Thanks, the cover of The Age EG!
Everyone knows we’re in Australia, so thank you.”
—  Gary Numan

“I’ve been making music and touring for a long time and this was my first ever crowd surf! What a night, what a crowd, what a tour!” — Adrian Belew —2006 & 2008 touring & publicity by Karen Conrad

Click to see pic of Adrian’s Wild Ride in a new window.
(Pro tip from Adrian: “Next time I’m doing it face upwards!”)