Sep 162016

Sam Newton has written lots of stories and he wants to sing all of them to you on his upcoming Violet Road Australian Tour.

A prolific songwriter, Sam has been writing and performing for ten years, working within time tested folk and traditional country and blues foundations reminiscent of Paul Kelly, Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. A staple in the Australian Americana Alt-Country scene, Sam’s expressive melodies and vivid lyrics tell stories of life and death, crime and punishment, love and loss.

Born in suburban Sydney to a music-loving family, Sam knew that he was going to be a musician from the very beginning. He pleaded with his parents for guitar lessons at the commencement of High School and wrote his first song 3 weeks later. Now at age 28, Newton has toured nationally 4 times and put out 2 acclaimed releases

Sam’s 2014 crowd funded debut album ‘Set In Stone’ was described by Chris Familton as “…an accomplished collection of beautifully played and recorded songs that show Newton’s wistful way with folk and sometimes country melodies.”

Fast forward to 2016, and Sam and Blue Mountains based producer Chris Gillespie have just finished recording his second album ‘Violet Road.’ Drawing from personal experience, the 10 original tracks explore family, love, heartbreak, emotional turmoil and disconnection through narrative trope with a raw sincerity that is rarely seen in contemporary music. Sam is incredibly proud of what he and Chris have achieved, saying “This is the most honest thing that I’ve ever released.”

‘Violet Road’ has recently been announced as a finalist in the Best Album category of the Australian Roots Music Awards.

Our friends at Timber and Steel premiered the film clip for the first single ‘Hold You Down’ and you can watch it here:

Timber and Steel Premiere: “Hold You Down” – Sam Newton

Sam’s live show is warm and intimate, intensely musical and often confessional. He embarks on his Violet Road Australian Tour in September playing 16 dates, some with full band and some solo.

Visit Sam at:



Sep 042016

Karen Conrad introducing ‘SHE RATES’ for female-driven PR campaigns

In an attempt to try and fix the gender pay gap still in effect in Australia, Melbourne publicist Karen Conrad has introduced ‘SHE RATES’ for female-driven PR campaigns until January 30th 2017. The gender pay gap currently sits at a high 18.8%, which has prompted many calls for the Federal Government to reverse the trend. Currently, men earn almost $300 more per week, based on weekly earnings for full-time employees.

If you’re a woman with a new arts, fashion, music or theatre project to promote, jump on this opportunity and book in with Karen Conrad – you can also advance book projects with an end date before May 30th 2017.

“Last year I ran a special for four months to offer quality PR campaigns for women at 20% off my regular fees,” Conrad has said. “It went over so well, I’ve decided to do it as often as I can afford to.”