Oct 292015

The Raven is an art-folk song-cycle setting of Edgar Allan Poe‘s poem of the same name. It is the debut solo album from composer and performer Ade Vincent (The Tiger & Me).

Songwriter and composer Ade Vincent’s obsession with Poe’s classic poem has been spilling over into much of what he writes for several years.

Other Friends Have Flown Before, the popular album-closer from The Tiger & Me’s The Drifter’s Dawn, takes its title and several lines from the poem, while other references can be found throughout many songs and pieces. With his debut solo album he takes his fascination with the work to the ultimate conclusion, using the poem in its entirety as lyrics for an album of ‘art-folk’ songs.

Voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, cello, oboe and percussion combine across pop, folk, contemporary classical and minimalism; echoes of Chopin through to Andrew Bird are present.

French visual artist Luca Valente provides a stunning animation for the single My Chamber Door. Drawing on cubism, futurism and Songye tribal art, the stark black and white imagery captures the spirit of the original while providing a new and exciting interpretation.
– Watch the video for My Chamber Door here: https://youtu.be/PlQjNi22iTI

– Stream My Chamber Door here: soundcloud.com/ade-vincent/my-chamber-door – Stream

– Order it here: www.adevincent.bandcamp.com/album/the-raven
Ade Vincent is a composer and performer. His music can be broadly separated into three categories: he writes and performs pop music (mostly for/with indie pop band The Tiger & Me), he writes contemporary classical music for the concert hall and music for screen. His music has been heard everywhere from popular television shows (Winners & Losers, The Time of Our Lives), the cinema screen (The Turning – cinematic trailer), music festivals (Port Fairy, The Falls) and concert halls (Hamer Hall, Deakin Edge).

Find Ade here: www.adevincent.com www.twitter.com/adevincentmusic

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Oct 262015



Poet and singer/songwriter James Teague is pleased to announce his national tour and new track ‘When the World Divides’ – the 2nd single from his upcoming album ‘Beyond The Melting Dawn’.

“I love performing in venues that are conducive to a deeper connection with the audience. Melbourne will be treated to a full band show in an underground art space. The rest of the tour will consist of intimate house concerts, showcasing my songs in their naked form, just as they were conceived.”

Following the successful release of his debut album ‘Lavender Prayers’, James relocated to Melbourne and teamed up with acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Tony Dupé (Grand Salvo, Jack Ladder, Holly Throsby) to create his second album ‘Beyond the Melting Dawn’; a vast, sonic wonderland of vivid textures and secret ruminations, mirroring the duality of day and night – the light and dark within.

Sprawling over 50 minutes, it features some of Teague’s finest vocal and instrumental arrangements, acting as the perfect backdrop for his lyrical incantations.

The companion music video for When the World Divides is a vivid explorative piece built to highlight the message and the music, directed by Jenna Eriksen and featuring projections by Jesse Taylor Smith. The camera’s focus is a live portrait of James sitting, gradually adorned with shafts of light and colour from Jesse’s projections, blurring the lines of reality and James himself.

View the video here:


Tour dates:

21 Nov – West Perth House Concert, Perth

Tickets: http://www.trybooking.com/JJPY

27 Nov- Lamps @ Hibernian House, Sydney

Tickets: http://www.trybooking.com/JJQN

28 Nov – West End House Concert, Brisbane

Tickets: http://www.trybooking.com/JJQQ

29 Nov – Goodtime Studios, Melbourne

Tickets: http://www.trybooking.com/JJQG


James Teague is a Perth-born poet and singer-songwriter who is undeniably unique from other artists in the Australian music scene, existing in a world of his own. Inspired by literary figures such as Dylan Thomas, Hermann Hesse and Edgar Allen Poe, James writes songs that capture the existential angst with which the human soul is forever bound. His music is as complex as the self; one moment whimsical and dreamy, with shades of 60s psychedelia and 70s progressive folk – the next, wrought with mortal gloom and adorned with hints of jazz and howling blues. It’s difficult to describe Teague’s style, but it usually consists of unpredictable melodies that stray, intricate, dynamic arrangements and a soaring, vocal tremolo. 

Oct 182015
Vote now for the Age Music Victoria Awards!

Voting is now open for the Age Music Victoria Awards 10th Edition! Melbourne’s latest international sensation, Courtney Barnett, has dominated nominations for this year’s The Age Music Victoria Awards. Barnett, who will perform with her band at the awards gig at 170 Russell on Wednesday 11 November, leads the charge with five nominations, including Best [more]