Jun 182014
Since the release of their debut album of synth-funk, soul, slow-jams and hard-rockin’ shuffles and subsequent sell-out launches in both Melbourne and Sydney, Sex on Toast have been laying low in Melbourne and doing their thang…They’d now like to proudly announce ‘the Tonay Tour’ – another sexual exploration up the East Coast culminating in Melbourne with two evenings at the Toff in Town.
Frontman Angus Leslie said, “A lot of people want to know…
What do we mean when we say ‘tonay’?
To us tonay is an essence… A life-force… a beautiful woman… a stank bass line… a damn good time…
Catch Sex On Toast burning down the house live at the following venues:
June 8 at The Loft in Warrnambool
July 2 at The Vanguard in Sydney
July 3 at The Bunker in Coogee
July 4 at Turner Bowls in Canberra
July 5 The Toff In Town in Melbourne
July 6 The Toff In Town in Melbourne
See the video clip for their latest single ‘Hold My Love’ here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPjJeA7UaqE
Sex on Toast
How to explain Sex on Toast? Is it a condiment? A dodgy carnal practice? Or one of Melbourne’s freshest bands? The answer is C. The outrageous stage antics of this sexually charged nine-piece band have been thrilling Melbourne for the past couple of years.
Incredible musicianship, raw, nipple-in-a-skivvy-stroking sexuality, party jams, ’80s synth and sax, and lead singer Angus Leslie’s enormous charisma are all part of the mix, and they regularly pack out Melbourne venues, even on Tuesdays.
Their songs are tight, their musical knowledge is incredible, and they know how to have a good time with it. Sex on Toast plunder every musical aspect of the ’80s. Leslie’s impossible falsetto meanders through the single Hold My Love, a cruisy slow jam, but they are just as astute with jazz, R&B, synth-funk sexy jams, and ’80’s yacht rock jams. 
Kate Kingsmill – Sydney Morning Herald online, Canberra Times