Dec 112013

The Controllers are thrilled to present the first single ‘Twins,’ to be launched 13 December at the Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Road, Brunswick from 9pm with Among Giants, Squarehead and Chop Squad.– Free Entry!

‘Twins’ is the tale of two twins – one virtuous, one slightly tarnished and a decision between duty and desire, which is reflected in the design on the single cover by up and coming Melbourne artist Madison Griffiths.

The Controllers count Against Me!, Refused, The Audition, Comeback Kid and Chick Corea as their musical influences and drummer Kieran recently won Australia’s Best Up and Coming Drummer Competition, $3000 worth of prizes and sponsorship from Pearl, Zildjian, Remo and Vic Firth.

Bassist Ben Tyler and drummer Kieran Rafferty met at the tender age of 8 years while attending Grade 3 at Haileybury College and were instant best mates, sharing the common bond of musicality and of both of their mums teaching at the school.

Enter new kid Zac Connelly (guitars/vocals), who came to the school in Year 7 (2007) and was classified as a ‘jock’ rather than a ‘muso.’ like Kieran and Ben.

As it happens, the school was putting on a battle of the bands and Zac, Ben and Kieran were put into a band with 3 other classmates. The band then consisted of 3 bad guitarists, one bad drummer, a mediocre singer, one good drummer and a good bassist.

After much shuffling and many reformations a 4-piece band called Happy Accidents was formed. They went on to win multiple school battles of the bands and a couple of Freeza events. But eventually all things must pass, and at 16, Happy Accidents disbanded to concentrate on completing school.

Fast forward to NOW and at the age of 19 and fresh out of high school, Zac, Ben and Kieran have reformed as The Controllers with a more mature sound and a musical sensibility that belies their tender years.

‘Twins’ is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming debut 5 song EP and it’s sitting at #17 on the overall charts and #5 on the rock charts on Triple J’s unearthed page. You can download ‘Twins’ here: