Jun 052010


Ron S Peno requests your attendance at the debut of his new band RSVP (his initials) & The Return To Senders at their final intimate sneak preview gig.

Peno, former lead singer with much loved band Died Pretty is giving you the slow tease… a wink, a word to the wise and the promise of glorious new ditties from his first ever solo project.

Cam Butler (guitars), Brett Poliness (drums), Andy Papp (bass) and Tim Deane (keyboards/guitars) expertly accompany him on this musical sojourn.

Ron and Cam have been furiously busy during the past year writing those bittersweet left-of-centre songs that sparkle when they need to and break your heart when you don’t expect them to.

Now it’s time to publicly unveil the fruits of their musical labours.

RSVP & The Return To Senders will road test the new tunes before recording thier debut solo album and are pleased to invite you along to check out the goods.

SUNDAY, JUNE 6 – YAH YAH’S with Andrew McCubbin & The Hope Addicts – 99 Smith St, Fitzroy

Free entry.

For interviews, pics or more info please ring me on 0400 527 365.