Sep 142007


Hey Rockers,

We here at PR HQ are very proud to announce our association with Love Hope Strength Foundation and their next fantasic initiative, Everest Rocks!

For the uninitiated, LHS has been organising major events around the world including Empire Rocks (benefit concert at the Empire State Building in NY) to help fight cancer and the LHS Army is growing! You can check out their website at

Cancer is one of the world’s most powerful killers and will touch each and every one of us in our lifetime. It knows no borders and see’s no color, race, religion, age or socio-economic demographic. It is a global issue in need of support from a worldwide network.

Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) is an international charity with chapters in the US, UK and Australia. Founded by leukemia survivors Mike Peters of the Welsh Rock Band the Alarm and President of CSI Entertainment James Chippendale with the goal that all people should have the same opportunities they did to overcome cancer. That includes access to information, quality cancer treatment and the best medication available.

Through innovative concerts and climbs, LHSF will be providing critical funding for cancer centers worldwide so that ALL people have access to quality treatment and are given the best chance at survival.

I am very proud to be associated with Love Hope Strength and will be promoting their next initiative, the Everest Rocks concert at Mt Everest!

EVEREST ROCKS. This October will be the most momentous climb and concert yet for the LHS Army – benefiting The Nepal Cancer Relief Society (NCRS). Cancer survivors and co founders of the Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) Mike Peters and James Chippendale will lead 40 musicians, cancer survivors and mountaineers to Base Camp to perform an acoustic concert to help the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital build the infrastructure of its clinic, NCRS, by providing them with much needed equipment and funding. In a country where the Avg. annual income is $300 a year our donation and support is going a long way to save lives NOW.


“Everest Rocks” is a fourteen day trek and acoustic concert at the base camp of Mt Everest, with a grand finale rock concert in Kathmandu. The finale concert will host 800 attendees in the breathtaking Gokarna Forest in the shadows of Mt. Everest. The entire journey will be captured by an MTV and BBC documentary team headed by Alex Coletti (the acclaimed producer of MTV’s ‘Unplugged’ series). The taping will include the training, kickoff events, trek and base camp acoustic set. The trek will also be captured by Everest summitters and writer Alan Hobson and photojournalist Jake Norton**. The ever-growing list of performers includes: Mike Peters (The Alarm), Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats), Dave Wakeling (The English Beat), Glenn Tillbrook (Squueze), Nick Harper (legendary UK fold artist) and local Nepalese artists.


ONLINE PATIENT SUPPORT NETWORK. The online support network will provide filtered listings of informative websites so one can learn as much as possible about the challenges they are facing. This will include providing the, “Ten Tools for Triumph*”, links to the leading doctors, treatments, hospitals, treatment centers, medications, holistic options, diet, exercise, meditation/prayer, clinical trials, books and support groups.

Mike Peters (The Alarm) – Cancer Survivor and Co Founder of the Love Hope Strength Foundation
Billy Duffy (The Cult)
Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats)
Jimmy Barnes – Musician
Dave Wakeling (English Beat)
Nick Harper – Musician
Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze)
Cy Curnin – (The Fixx)
Alan Hobson – Leukemia Survivor, motivational speaker, author and Everest summiteer. Alan is making his first trip back to Everest since overcoming cancer.
Jake Norton – Everest Summitter and Photojournalist.
Alex Coletti – Acclaimed MTV Producer / MTV Unplugged creator
Tony Visconti -Award winning music producer behind legendary artists David Bowie, Morrissey, Thin Lizzy, Moody Blues.
Sean Swarner – 2 time cancer survivor, first cancer survivor to summit Everest and reach all 7 of the highest peaks on each continent, author, speaker.
Welsh Guards – 2 members of the British Army from Buckingham Palace

JOIN THE ARMY. Opportunities are available to become a Love Hope Strength musician, venue sponsor, title sponsor, supporting sponsor, gear sponsor, trekker, vendor, promotional sponsor and more. Contact Shannon Foley at or 303.518.8938 for more information.


SELL MERCHANDISE. Show your support by selling our famous “Camo Cuffs” at your store or office. Contact Shannon or 303.518.8938 for more information.


In Australia, please contact me on 0400 527 365 to give these good people money or donations of any kind!

See you at the top of the mountain,

x Karen

Sep 072007

Renee’ Geyer

Hey soul lovas,

Australia’s First Lady Of Soul Ms Renee’ Geyer will be performing live at Milanos Brighton Beach Hotel on Saturday, 8 September. Tickets are available from the venue for $33 show only and $65 two course dinner and show, but they’re nearly sold out so get in now!

4 The Esplanade, Brighton ph: 9592 3555

Renee’ will be singing songs old and new, and you’ll be treated to a preview of the tunes from her brand new cd.

‘Dedicated’ is Renée Geyer’s twenty-second album. And she’s convinced with this record she’s reached a turning point.

“I do rhythm and blues,” Renée explains. “This genre of music picked me. I didn’t pick it. From a very early age I was listening to it on my transistor radio under my pillow. At fourteen or fifteen years of age I knew that this was the music I connected with. With this record I’ve turned some kind of corner where the suit that was bought for me as a young girl, that I knew was a beautiful suit, only just now fits. It just feels right.

Rave reviews for ‘Dedicated’ are already beginning to roll in:

“I’m in love with this record. I have to admit it. This time, I really am. Normally, I’m over it by the time, through the process of recording and then mixing and mastering, we’ve heard everything a million times over and over again. It’s kind of like when couples fall in ‘love/lust’, get married…and then the ‘lust’ part of the relationship fades. This album sounds and feels as fresh as ever….every time I hear it (thanks in no small part to the incredible musicians appearing on it.) I’m still in ‘lust/love’. End of story.”- Ed Nimmervoll

See you at Milanos for a night of incredible soul shakin’ music with that divine diva Ms Renee’!