Oct 292015

The Raven is an art-folk song-cycle setting of Edgar Allan Poe‘s poem of the same name. It is the debut solo album from composer and performer Ade Vincent (The Tiger & Me).

Songwriter and composer Ade Vincent’s obsession with Poe’s classic poem has been spilling over into much of what he writes for several years.

Other Friends Have Flown Before, the popular album-closer from The Tiger & Me’s The Drifter’s Dawn, takes its title and several lines from the poem, while other references can be found throughout many songs and pieces. With his debut solo album he takes his fascination with the work to the ultimate conclusion, using the poem in its entirety as lyrics for an album of ‘art-folk’ songs.

Voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, cello, oboe and percussion combine across pop, folk, contemporary classical and minimalism; echoes of Chopin through to Andrew Bird are present.

French visual artist Luca Valente provides a stunning animation for the single My Chamber Door. Drawing on cubism, futurism and Songye tribal art, the stark black and white imagery captures the spirit of the original while providing a new and exciting interpretation.
– Watch the video for My Chamber Door here: https://youtu.be/PlQjNi22iTI

– Stream My Chamber Door here: soundcloud.com/ade-vincent/my-chamber-door – Stream

– Order it here: www.adevincent.bandcamp.com/album/the-raven
Ade Vincent is a composer and performer. His music can be broadly separated into three categories: he writes and performs pop music (mostly for/with indie pop band The Tiger & Me), he writes contemporary classical music for the concert hall and music for screen. His music has been heard everywhere from popular television shows (Winners & Losers, The Time of Our Lives), the cinema screen (The Turning – cinematic trailer), music festivals (Port Fairy, The Falls) and concert halls (Hamer Hall, Deakin Edge).

Find Ade here: www.adevincent.com www.twitter.com/adevincentmusic

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