Apr 222014

Marilyn Rose and the Thorns are pleased to present their fandangled debut five track CD “Blood.

Recorded with music legend Ash Wednesday (Einstuerzende Neubauten/The Models) and Hamish Marr in their home turf of the murky swamp known as St Kilda in early 2013.

After planning laboriously for the last few months behind closed doors, Marilyn will be llaunch ‘Blood’ at Cherry Bar on May 4th with support from guitar virtuoso, fuzz queen, sonic chanteuse, primal mistress of pop Penny Ikinger and The Falling Standards; a female powered rock trio featuring the unique, sensual, moody and lyrical songs of Melanie Harrison, Leila Boakes and Ruby Harrison.

Marilyn Rose and the Thorns emerged from the St Kilda live music community circa 2010. Vocalist Marilyn Rose Veil (Veil), guitarist Leon Storch (Smoke Machine), guitarist Rusty Tulek (Cold Harbour), bassist Colin Holst (Cold Harbour/Scourge) and drummer Jim Richter (Death Sentence/12FU) first met at the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda during the front bar glory days. Together this is a rare and sensual explosion of vocals and a melting pot sound of unique rock and roll styles.

The band’s sound is emotive, dramatic and sorrowful, full of darkness and cabaret with elements of pop and avant-garde. Psychedelic guitars and a powerful rhythm section lay the foundation for Marilyn’s one of a kind vocal style. Imagine a combination of Shirley Bassey and Siouxsie Sioux….

The Thorns have played on stages large and small to enthusiastic crowds around Melbourne’s renowned live music scene at venues such as The Esplanade Hotel, The St Kilda Bowling Club, The Greyhound Hotel, Yah Yah’s, The Lyrebird Lounge, The Town Hall Hotel and The Great Britain Hotel as well as appearing on the local female band showcase gig known as “Goddess”.

Prepare to be seduced by the hypnotic vocals of leading lady, Marilyn Rose and rocked by the dark and dazzling musicianship of her band of Thorns as well as an assemblage of musical nomads at Cherry Bar on May 4th. Doors open at 8 o’clock and free entry.

Visit Marilyn Rose on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marilyn-Rose-and-The-Thorns/218888508159483?fref=ts

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