Mar 272014


simplifyWith 2013 seeing the release of not one but three huge singles, a tour of Australia and Asia singing with the Australian Chamber Orchestra as a part of ‘The Reef’, as well as sold out shows in Melbourne and Sydney for his debut Delsinki Records EP tour, one can forgive Delsinki Records for having a week or two off… but in the words of the man himself “moustache wax isn’t cheap.”

Now one could argue about that statement for quite some time, but there is no argument from fans when it comes to last years releases of “In Over My Head”, “Sanchez” and “Burnt Out by the Light” (the touching tribute to friend and beloved musician Sonny Lewis), Delsinki Records is on a hot streak.

The soon to be unleashed tune “Simplify Me to the Villan” was shot by multi award winning photographer Jon Frank (who was Director of Photography on The Reef) was released online last night with no fanfare whatsoever and quickly racked up over 500 views.  What it here:

June 25th 2014 finds Delsinki Records collaborating with varying artists including Jon Frank, Ginger Snaps (Shibari bondage artist), body art performers painted by Annabelle Scarlett, as well as dark comic artist Mike Foxall for a veritable feast of the senses at the brand new Ministry of Art in St Kilda.

With digitally projected images of Delsinki Records clips to entice the viewer in, then a live body art meets music fusion, incorporating a full band and four moving “bodies” of art, this night has been set to never forget.

June tour dates TBA!


May 172013


Ladies and Gentlemen:

For Your Consideration, now comes Delsinki Records (aka Craig Johnston) a Melbourne based singer songwriter to present and tour his eponymously titled 4 track EP along with 4 companion arthouse film clips.

The contents therein contained:

1- Burnt Out by the Light  – written in memory of former band mate and harmonica player Sonny Lewis who passed late last year.

2 – In Over My Head  – inspired by a trip to WA with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and ex pro surfer Dane Beevor, who features on the EP cover

3 – Sanchez – revamp of  the first ever Gretchen Lewis song featuring Ricky Evensand (Gretchen Lewis, Chimaira & Soilwork) and Ciaran Fletcher (of Irish duo The Bad Penguins).

4 – What You Dream is Not Your Fault – Inspired by the desert in WA and featuring Mark Atkins on didjeridoo.

Each film clip has a story and relationship to its corresponding song.

Prior to Delsinki Records, Craig was the founding member of Melbourne band Gretchen Lewis (2002), still a going concern whose high-octane sound continues to captivate Melbourne audiences.

Last year he performed at the Sydney Oprah House, The Perth Concert Hall and the Wool Shed (Gnaraloo) as part of the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s “The Reef “- a creative collaboration between Richard Tognetti, Mick Sowry & Jon Frank. This trip was the inspiration for some of the material on this EP.

2013 also saw Craig singing along side Brian Ritchie from The Violent Femmes as a part of the 2013 “The Reef” Australian/Hong Kong tour, which started February in Brisbane and finished up at The Sydney at the Opera House with dates between in Canberra, Melbourne, New Castle and Woolingong then onto Hong Kong for March 15 & 16.

June 9 – Adventure Bay Blues And Roots Festival – Tickets are $35

June 12 – Republica Bar in Hobart – Tickets are Free

June 15 – The News Agency in Sydney – Tickets $15

June 21 – The Wesley Anne in Melbourne – Tickets $15

Delsinki Records on tour will be:

Craig Johnston, Gary Thachrah, Sarah Gurry, Ciaran Fletcher, Ricky Evensand.Melbourne supports by Major Chord and Stacey Grey formerly of The Trial Kennedys