May 082013



Use The Good Linen! The Prime Minister is coming to dinner!


SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music) are extremely excited to announce that a very special guest has been added to ‘Marieke Hardy’s Dream Dinner’, our Prime Minister, The Honourable Ms Julia Gillard.


Prime Minister Gillard will join self-confessed “live music obsessive” Marieke at Melbourne’s most celebrated restaurant Vue De Monde.


Marieke was set the challenge to create her ‘Dream Dinner’ at her favourite Melbourne restaurant and being the clever person that she is, she decided that in order to have her ‘dream dining conversation’, she would invite a powerful politician, Australia’s best known culinary critic and a well loved genius.


SLAM are extremely pleased and a little bit surprised to be in the enviable position to offer four guest seats for dinner with screenwriter, author, blogger, radio presenter Marieke Hardy, The Prime Minister, sartorially elegant culinary expert Matt Preston and Australia’s own Brain Trust, Andrew Denton to support their ongoing crowd funding campaign.  Tickets are on sale now at


Helen Marcou, SLAM cofounder said, “Marieke has really risen to the task.  I’m a little flabbergasted! Who wouldn’t love to be a fly on the wall at this great occasion to witness a ‘woman of calibre’, such as the Prime Minister discuss the events of the day with Matt, Andrew and Marieke.”


In the interest of political fairness and in light of live music being non-partisan and owned by the community, Marieke sent invitations to both major parties and our PM graciously accepted.


Soon to be announced will be the guest list for Kate Miller Heidke’s Dream Dinner in Brisbane and four exclusive dining places are on offer to be filled at,


A crowdfunding campaign like never before. Musicians and artists have come together in their support of SLAM’s efforts to become a sustainable organization. International and local artists like Gotye, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Iggy Pop, Lee Renaldo, Patricia Piccinini and Tame Impala have thrown in items like signed guitars, dinners , concert tickets and one off custom made recordings.